July 2007 Meeting: Prom Night

Prom Night included the sharing of old formal dresses, whether they fit or not! Some dresses brought included those from prom, bridesmaid, wedding, even a christening gown. Awards were given for best, oldest, ugliest(!), etc.

Heather showing off a dress

Vivian explaining her dress

Malinda looking lovely

Amy (and Lily!): So many dresses, so little time!

Tricia modeling

The whole group...a rainbow of colors!

May 2007 Meeting: "May Appreciation"

The May meeting is a time for our members to bring loved ones to the club meeting to show them how much we appreciate them for all of the things they have done for us. We usually have some kind of themed potluck dinner. Afterwards, we induct the new board members into office.
First, the former members are officially removed from office. They are from left to right Tricia, President; Malinda, Secretary; Kris, Treasurer; and Pat, Vice President.

Then the new board members are inducted into their positions. For the 2007/2008 year, we have Vivian, President, Heather, Vice President; Malinda, Secretary; and Kris, Treasurer.