August Meeting: Saving Money

Our own MOMs Shelly and Theresa shared how they save a ton of money and get all sorts of items for free using coupons. If you missed the meeting but would like to learn more about saving money, the handouts are available at the following links:

  • CVS Handout--this is the main handout we covered at the meeting (written by Shelly)
  • Coupons---a general how-to (written by Shelly)
Some of the items you can get for free using coupons include: toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, pain relievers, women's feminine care products, gum, candy, food, and LOTS more!!

The blog we started to share deals is GB Savers. Feel free to comment and share any deals you find!
That's a LOT of toothpaste...
Theresa and Shelly brought in all the toothpaste they have gotten for free or more than free over the last few months.

Want to try your hand at CVS? Here is a good first transaction with internet printable coupons to "make" you some money!

If you have any questions email Shelly or Theresa and we'll try and help you out.

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