September Open House

This years Open House was a Baby Shower theme hosted by Theresa and Shelly. Everyone brought finger foods to share and punch (both pink and blue!) was provided. We played a couple games, but mostly just had a great time visiting with other moms. Thank you to all who attended!

If you haven't been to a meeting in awhile please join us soon! We have some new faces in the club and we always have a great time at the meetings!

September Open House

GBAMOM September Open House
Thursday September 3, 2009 at 7:00pm

It's a Baby Shower! We were all babies once and we've had them too!
Come celebrate with food, fun, and friends! We'll be playing some fun shower
games...with prizes! Please bring an appetizer or finger food to share
and a picture of YOU as a baby (for a game). Beverages will be provided.
Invite any former (or prospective!) GBAMOM members
you know to come and join us!

GBAMOM on Facebook!

GBAMOM has a group listing on Facebook! If you would like to join click above or search "GBAMOM" on Facebook and click "join this group". The more members we get, the more fun it will be. It's a great way to keep in touch with members between meetings!

GBAMOM has a "wall" just like individuals that you can write on as well as a discussion board. Meet other GBAMOM members for the first time or catch up with old friends!

May Appreciation 2009

Each year in May we take a break from our normal meeting schedule and take some time to appreciate those who have helped us. We share a potluck meal and visit with friends old and new. This year's hostess was Dolly and she did an awesome job organizing and decorating! Thanks Dolly!

GBAMOM Board Installation

After elections in April, we uninstall previous board members and install new members during a short ceremony at our May Appreciation party. Here is the outgoing board, from left to right:
President Vivian, Vice President Heather, Treasurer Kris, Secretary Theresa and Membership Chairmom Amy. A special thanks to Kris for her many years of service as club treasurer!

The new board for 2009-2010 from left to right:
President Vivian, Vice President Heather, Secretary Shelly, Treasurer Theresa, and Membership Chairmom Amy.

Thanks to all who work to make this club great! Please consider volunteering your time to fill an open position or take on a position next year.

May Appreciation

This Thursday...come early at 6:30pm
for our annual
May Appreciation Dinner.
Bring someone you appreciate!
Come join us for some good food and fun!