GBAMOM Spring Rummage Sale

The GBAMOM Spring Rummage Sale was a HUGE success!! Thank you everyone who came to shop! Fill out the form below if you would like to get a reminder email for our next sale!

GBAMOM Summer Camping Trip: July 23-25

Forget the snow on the ground... start thinking about camping this summer! Mark your calendars and make your reservations NOW for the GBAMOM Camping Trip July 23-25. Click HERE for an information sheet. If you have any questions contact Malinda or Pat.

UPDATE from Malinda:
Rentals available at Timber Trails: 60' mobile home stocked with absolutely everything you need -- linens, pots & pans, etc. It has 2 bedrooms and a hide-a-bed. It costs $95 per night for 2 adults and 2 kids with each extra person another $5 per night.

"Get Organized" Handout (March Meeting)

Here is the extensive handout from the March meeting. Feel free to view it here or use the blue "print" button to print out your own copy!

Two quick thoughts for those of you who were at the meeting:

First, you would be surprised at how little time I spend cleaning and organizing. Once you get a good system in place, things just kind of take care of themselves. Little things make a big difference!

And second, start small... don't try and do everything at once!

Many of the photos you saw can be found here. They are from the blog posts I wrote about my once a year deep cleaning. While you're there... if you want to see the rest of my house, click the "Tour Our House" button.

Take pictures to share with us as you organize! Post them to Facebook or bring them to a meeting to share!!

[PS Those of you who were at the meeting will know what I'm talking about... I asked my daughter, it wasn't the belly button I was thinking of (although I must have saved it for a time or I wouldn't have thought of it!) it was her first little tiny bandaid that was in her memory box! Not as bad, but still gross! What was I thinking!?! I've had five more kids and, thankfully, haven't made that mistake again!]

If you have trouble printing from below, click to print from your web browser here.
GBAMOM Cleaning/Organizing Handout

Board Get Together

The current board term ends in April so we decided to have a little fun and get all the board families together.

Five Moms
Amy (Membership), Heather (Vice President),
Vivian (President), Shelly (Secretary), and Theresa (Treasurer)


Twenty One Kids!
17 are ages 8 and under!
(15 are pictured here)