GBAMOM Camping Trip 2013

The camping trip to Oakwood Campground in Wild Rose, WI, was bunches of fun! We all had a great time with all the families that went this year. Most of us arrived without any issues and set up our tents and campers while others arrived a bit late due to getting lost on the way!(You know who you are!)

Friday night we enjoyed a hearty Sloppy Joe's supper together.  On Saturday, the campground hosted a kiddy carnival where all of the kids played games and got some great prizes.  Then it was time for the annual piñata!  All the kids got a turn to hit the two piñatas, in order, from youngest to oldest!  The older kids were so good about helping the little ones to get some candy, too.  Supper on Saturday was a potluck with shredded beef as the main dish.  Everyone brought some yummy dishes to enjoy and we had S'mores around the campfire for dessert.   By 10:00pm all the kiddos were tucked into bed and the real fun began with an adult-only party at the community fire pit.  We didn't play the normal newlyweds game because we were a couple husbands short this year, but we still had the gift exchange and had lots of laugh while talking around the fire.  Sunday morning, everyone took their time packing up, saying their good-byes, and heading home. 

We had great weather each day and had lots of fun.  It's always more relaxing to camp with the GBAMOM group because we always do such a good job helping each other out!  Think about joining us next year! We would love to have a big group of new campers to have a fun family weekend with!!

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