About Us


Do you have multiples? Currently expecting multiples? Want to know about the GBAMOM club?

The Green Bay Area Mothers of Multiples (GBAMOM) club exists to enable mothers of multiples to associate with other moms who have similar experiences and to obtain information and friendship. GBAMOM meets at 7pm the FIRST Thursday of each month (occasionally date/time may change) at Christ Alone Church located at 505 East Allouez Ave.

GBAMOM was formerly known as the Green Bay Area Mothers of Twins Club (GBAMOTC). The club was renamed to better suit the needs of our club which includes parents of not just twins, but triplets and more as well!

Please contact our Membership MOM for more information. She would be happy to tell you more about our club and send you a free information packet. We offer a free 6 month trial membership so you can see what our club is all about!

Come join us for a meeting, make some new friends, and have fun! We would love to meet you!

The GBAMOM Board (2013-2014)
President Candy
Vice President Kimberly
Secretary Heather
Treasurer Jamie
Membership Erica